William, age six, says clear up your own litter and dog poo!

William Howard is pictured with mum Danielle and Mark Cavanagh from our Street Services team.

A young boy who wrote to his local MP to ask people to clear up their litter and dog poo, was given the opportunity to have a ride in a road sweeper.

William Howard, age six, wrote to Plymouth Moor View MP Johnny Mercer as he was fed up with people leaving dog poo bags and litter on the streets. The MP got in touch with Plymouth City Council, whose Street Services team arranged for William to sit on a ride on road sweeper.

William in the driving seat.

William, who dreams of being a Paleontologist when he grows up, said: “I wrote the letter because seeing the rubbish and dog poo bags on the street was making me sad.

“I don’t understand why people put dog poo in bags and then just leave it on the street. They should put it in the bins!

“I put all my rubbish in the bin. I also like helping my mum with the recycling – there are lots of things that can be recycled like cardboard.”

William’s mum Danielle said: “I am so proud of William – he was very upset when he saw litter and dog poo bags on the street and was asking what could be done about it. He’s only six years old – if he can understand what should be done with litter then why can’t adults?

“William is very interested in the environment and he has also taken part in one of the ‘beach clean’ litter picks.

“It’s great that he’s been invited to have a go on the road sweeper – he really enjoyed it (what six year old boy wouldn’t)! It just shows that even the littlest voices can be heard.”

Councillor Mike Leaves, Cabinet Member for Street Scene and the Environment, said: “It is great to see young people like William take such pride in their city and I’m glad he enjoyed his ride on the sweeper!”