Statement: Wheelchair users at MTV Crashes

In response to queries about a wheelchair user being removed from the front of the crowd at MTV Crashes on Thursday 28 July, we have issued this joint statement with MTV.

The safety of all our event goers – including those with mobility problems – is our absolute priority at all times.

There are several areas around the MTV Crashes site where wheelchair users can enjoy the show safely, including our accessible viewing platform and the spacious family/chill-out area next to it, which were both well-advertised in the lead-up to the event.

The area immediately in front of the stage is not safe for wheelchair users as it can become densely crowded and the audience frequently surges forward. The presence of wheelchairs in this area is also a safety risk to other event goers.

Last night our security staff became very concerned for the safety of a wheelchair user at the very front of the crowd, directly behind the barrier and asked her to move to the viewing platform for her own safety.

They spent around two hours trying to explain the risks to the wheelchair user and offered her various alternatives but she refused to move, putting herself and others at risk and leaving us no option but to remove her from the area in front of the stage for her own and others’ safety.

Any complaints we receive about our disabled access arrangements and/or this incident will be fully investigated.