Vegetation clearance at Marsh Mills

Work to remove vegetation on Marsh Mills roundabout and Plymouth Road will begin next week.

The vegetation is obscuring signs, trapping litter and encroaching on the highway and needs to be removed to improve safety and visibility. Work will also include clearing scrub and returning the central reservation area to gravel.

The work will start on Monday 9 February and is expected to take no longer than three weeks. It will be carried out between 9.30am and 3.30pm to minimise disruption to drivers.

On Monday 9 February the first lane of the A38 slip road onto Marsh Mills (passing Sainsbury’s) will be closed.

On Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 February there will be a lane closure on both the inbound and outbound sides of Plymouth Road, roughly between McDonald’s and the Sainsbury’s petrol station. This will include the inside lane on the roundabout.

From Thursday 12 February until Monday 2 March, the outside lane on the outbound side of Plymouth Road (near the Crabtree estate) will be closed, roughly from the Sainsbury’s petrol station to the roundabout.