Update on MTV Live and Local event

We have reluctantly had to delay the start of today’s Live and Local event on the MTV stage to 4.15pm due to the weather.

The main issues for us are wind direction (which can increase the amount of rain hitting the stage and electrical equipment) and wind strength (which affects infrastructure safety).

The picture has been continually changing throughout the day and we held back on cancelling or delaying event because we wanted to allow every opportunity for the weather to clear.

We also wanted to allow as many acts as possible to perform on the MTV stage, which has to be removed after tonight.

While we understand that those acts who are not able to perform tonight will be disappointed, safety has to be our priority.

We have contacted them and explained that they will be guaranteed a slot on the MTV stage next year, providing a similar event is held.

As with any other event, we will continue to monitor weather conditions throughout the evening.