Update on measures to alleviate congestion during Derriford roadworks

We are continuing to monitor traffic flow and adjust arrangements to alleviate congestion as much as possible while work is carried out on the Derriford Transport Scheme.

An additional lane will be opened on the northbound approach to Derriford Roundabout (after Sendall’s Way) from tomorrow (Saturday 22 April), following the recent adjustment to traffic lights to allow more time for northbound vehicles to get through during the morning peak.

New markings will be painted tonight, with lane one heading to Looseleigh Lane and Tavistock, lane two to Derriford Road and lane three to Brest Road and Plymouth.

The Brest Road arm of the roundabout has been given more ‘green time’ in the evening peak and the lane markings have been re-allocated, so that lane one is ‘left only’ and lane two is ‘ahead and left’, which allows more vehicles to exit Brest Road with each phase of the traffic lights.

On-street parking has also been suspended along Brest Road to allow better flow of traffic through this area.

In addition, bus lane restrictions will be suspended along part of Derriford Road from Saturday to allow two lanes for all traffic between Plymbridge Lane to Derriford Roundabout.

The traffic lights at Sendall’s Way and the temporary lights at William Prance Road have been adjusted to allow more time for northbound and southbound movement on Tavistock Road.

Additional measures have also been agreed with the emergency services to reduce impact on blue light services, including ‘keep clear’ boxes on Morlaix Drive and at the junction with Brest Road, as well as the dedicated lane through the works that has been in place since January.

By suspending bus lane restrictions on Tavistock Road we have been able to maintain two general traffic lanes for the majority of the time – both inbound and outbound.

Construction is being carried out in several places at the same time to minimise the overall length of the programme and weekend and night working are taking place wherever possible.

Additional signage is being used to make any changes to traffic management clear and messages on the city’s digital roadside signs are helping people to plan their journeys and take alternative routes if possible.

Councillor Patrick Nicholson, Deputy Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategic Transport, Housing and Planning, said: “We have been working closely with the contractor to continually monitor traffic flow and adapt arrangements wherever possible to reduce the impact of these vital works.

“We have also been ensuring key tasks are completed as quickly as possible and it is thanks to the contractor completing work on the northbound central reserve that we can open a third northbound lane.

“These works are essential in reducing congestion and improving public transport, walking and cycling links along this key route as the city grows. We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and reassure them we are doing everything we can to minimise disruption.”

For more information on the scheme, including updates on forthcoming works and details of ‘meet the team’ sessions, see our Derriford Transport Scheme page.