Update on 11+ exams

Statement from Plymouth City Council 26 September 2016:

A spokesperson for Plymouth City Council said: “The Council is very concerned about allegations that have been made regarding the 11+ exams. We were already working jointly with the assessment provider following questions raised about the English 11+ exam. We have now also been made aware of further concerns raised by parents about the 11+ Maths exam that took place on Saturday 24 September.

“We are unable to comment any further at this stage until the enquiries have concluded but we will be in contact  with parents of the girls who have taken both tests to provide an update in the next few days.”

Statement from GL Assessment 26 September 2016:

“We take these allegations extremely seriously and along with Plymouth City Council are conducting a full enquiry with utmost priority. Schools and authorised personnel have a legal duty to abide by our strict security protocols to ensure the exams are conducted fairly. Parents and students can rest assured that any breach or infraction will be dealt with. We cannot comment any further at present but we hope to be in a position to provide an update in the next few days once our investigations are complete.”