Tree Trail takes new route…

Natural Infrastructure Officers Emmie Readman and Zoe Sydenham with the Green Man from phase one of the tree trail

A new piece of art is about to appear in Central Park.

Plymouth City Council has been working in partnership with The Woodland Presents, to create a new archway into Pounds Park.

Phase one of the Tree Trail project saw timber from the park turned into a sculptures and benches, along the path by Ford Park Cemetery.

The second phase is now underway which will extend the sculptures to Pounds Park. The first sculpture in this new phase is an archway made from local sweet chestnut and larch. 

The chestnut tree was selected because of its natural curve creating the traditional “cruck” frame that many medieval structures were based on. The larch covering that will provide shade but not shelter, has been charred to increase its lifespan.

Councillor Sue Dann, Cabinet member for Street Scene and the Environment said: “We want people to explore and discover all of what Central Park has to offer. We have made some great improvements the sports and recreations side of the park and it’s fantastic for our beautiful woodland getting some attention too.

“We pledged to deliver this upgrade to Central Park, and we’re clearly well on our way to it reaching its potential!”

This will be installed during the week starting 19 November and the path will be closed during the few days it will take to install. There will be a clear diversion route.

This will be followed in the spring with three sculptures made from elm that fell in the park earlier this year. The timber from these elm trees is precious, as nationally the trees suffered from Dutch elm disease. It is important to keep these trees in the park so the community can appreciate their natural beauty and as a reminder that our trees are precious and can’t be taken for granted. 

The sculptures will be abstract pieces which reflect the tree’s character from its leaves to its roots and showcase its beautiful grain. They will be situated together in Pounds Park. We will also be installing slabwood benches made from local oak and sweet chestnut through the wooded valley. 

This project is part of the Central Park Masterplan, find out more here.