Temporary Stop Notice: Aberdeen Avenue

We are acting on a complaint that Burrington Estates are carrying out construction work on new homes on land off Aberdeen Avenue, despite not having met pre-commencement conditions.

One of these conditions was that Burrington Estates would need to agree a construction vehicle route and details. Despite no details being agreed work has started on site.

We have contacted Burrington Estates about this but they have failed to take steps to stop this activity.

We feel it is necessary to uphold the agreed planning terms so have issued a Temporary Stop Notice on the development.  The notice will last for 28 days and further action will be pursued if necessary after that date.

Failure to comply with the notice could lead to prosecution.

Councillor Patrick Nicholson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategic Transport, Housing and Planning said: “Existing residents will always come first in situations like this and it’s important to ensure that their needs are met.

“We asked Burrington Estates to agree with us on a suitable means of access for construction vehicles prior to commencing, however these discussions haven’t yet been concluded so they do not have permission to start.

“Planning conditions are there for a reason and contractors and developers need to take into account the needs of their neighbours when carrying out work.”