Sutton Harbour walkway timetable

Heading to the Seafood Festival this weekend? We’ve got the latest opening times for the temporary walkway across Sutton Harbour lock.


These times are subject to change as they depend on the tide and the amount of marine traffic going through the lock, but here are the planned opening times for the next week.


Saturday 15 September, 1:30pm to 7pm

Sunday 16 September, 1:30pm to 7pm

Monday 17 September, 2pm to 8pm

Tuesday 18 September, 2pm to 8pm

Wednesday 19 September, 7:30am to 2.30pm and 4:30pm to 7:30pm

Thursday 20 September, 7am to 1pm

Friday 21 September, 7am to 2pm

Saturday 22 September, 7am to 2pm

Sunday 23 September, 7am to 3pm


You can also travel around Sutton Harbour by following the family-friendly Starfish Trail, or take a short ferry ride across.


For more information about the Starfish Trail go to


The Sutton Harbour Ferry Service runs daily between Lockyers Quay and Barbican West Pier, and is subsidised by Sutton Harbour Holdings plc during peak school holiday periods. The ticket price is refunded for customers when they visit the NMA café or shop, or eat at Rockfish.


For daily updates about the ferry, run by Silverline Cruises, visit