Survey works planned for eastern corridor

Further survey and investigative works in support of the Eastern Corridor Junction Improvements scheme will begin from next week.
Starting on Monday 16 April and finishing on Friday 27 April, the works will allow the Council to better understand the ground conditions in the area between Marsh Mills roundabout and the Glen Road junction at the eastern end of Plymouth Road.
Contractors will be pinpointing the exact location of utility equipment and assessing the condition of the drainage system at Marsh Mills, all of which will help firm up the design for the scheme and avoid delays and setbacks at a later date.
In order to avoid congestion during the day, some of the works will be carried out overnight from 7pm to 6am. During these times, lane closures will be required to enable the works to be carried out safely.
This will include the ground investigation works on the eastbound carriageway of Plymouth Road at the Cot Hill junction which will take two nights, the drainage survey at Marsh Mills which is planned for three nights and surveys for utilities in the central verge between the Larkham Lane and Cot Hill junctions for one night.
Investigative works will also be carried out on the pavements at Larkham Lane and Coypool Road.
Meanwhile, new signage at the junction of Glen Road and Plymbridge Road will be installed later this month. It is not anticipated that this will cause disruption.