Student guide to being a good Plymouth neighbour

Students arriving in Plymouth are being given a welcome back with top tips on how to be a good neighbour.


A leaflet giving the low-down on how to be a good neighbour is being handed out by Council staff at Fresher’s Week and will be distributed to all students through the university and the student’s union.

This information is designed to remind students to behave responsibly. It includes information about keeping down the noise, making sure a night out does not cause problems for families around them and tips on how to recycle and get rid of their rubbish correctly.


Councillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet Member for the Environment said: “We welcome students both new and returning to the city. They are a tremendous asset to Plymouth and keep the place young, buzzing and dynamic.


“Many students will be living away from home for the first time and will have to do boring stuff their parents probably did, like putting bins out on the right day and recycling. We appreciate that student life can be great fun and exciting – all we are asking is they bear in mind those around them.


“Handing out the information during Fresher’s Week will get us on the front foot.”


The vast majority of students live happily alongside families, couples and other residents. Problems tend to stem from a lack of awareness, as most students have not lived away from home before.


Most issues can be resolved by education. The vast majority of noise complaints received were resolved by speaking to the students, providing advice and working with the landlords


As well as guidance and information, the Council is teaming up with the police and for a number of ‘nights of action’ during Fresher’s Week.


This will involve patrolling streets where there is a high proportion of student houses to provide advice on anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance.   
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