Statement on people not on the electoral register on polling day

The reason some people arrived at a polling station on Thursday and were told they were not on the electoral register and could not vote was because they had been removed after failing to confirm their eligibility to be registered.

At the time that poll cards were sent out a number of electors who had failed to complete registration documents had been put under review, giving them a period of time in which to respond. At that date these electors were still on the register and were correctly sent a poll card. However, a poll card is not an entitlement to vote and is merely advisory.

A total of 331 electors that failed to respond were then taken off the register on the week beginning 22 May as part of our duty to keep the register accurate and complete. This is normal and expected practice.

There is a legal duty for people to confirm their details on the register and we make extensive efforts to remind people, sending out several reminders and carrying out home visits where possible.

It is vital that people comply with the requirement to confirm their details on the register to ensure they do not lose their ability to vote.

Extensive efforts are made to keep the register up-to-date and ensure people can vote. Nearly 8,500 electors were added to the electoral register between the announcement of the election on 18 April and 1 June.