Be a spider hunter at Wild About Plymouth’s insect event

Family-friendly natural history group Wild About Plymouth will be celebrating National Insect Week with a special event at Devonport Park on Saturday 21 June.

‘Eight Legged Creatures’ will be a chance for bug hunters to see how many different types of spider they can spot in one of the city’s biggest parks.

Armed with only a water sprayer and a tuning fork they will scramble along walls, creep through trees and bushes and sneak under stones to see how many spiders are lurking there.

Admission to the event, which will run from 10am to 12pm, is free and there is no need to book – just meet the team at the new pavilion five minutes before the start.

Now in its sixth year and organised by the Royal Entomological Society, National Insect Week will see scores of events held across the UK between 23 to 29 June, from bug hunts to mini-beast safaris and beyond.

The biennial initiative aims to promote awareness of the value of a diverse insect world to the environment. It’s supported by more than 50 national partner organisations.

“Insects may be small, but they have a huge impact on the natural world,” says Royal Entomological Society Director of Outreach, Luke Tilley. “There are a wide range of activities being staged during National Insect Week by local and regional wildlife organisations, all of which will enable children and adults to explore the wonderful world of insects for themselves.”