Smashing! 20 per cent more glass collected

Glass recycling in Plymouth has increased by nearly 20 per cent, thanks to the glass recycling scheme that is now available to all Plymouth residents.

From May everyone in Plymouth could put empty glass bottles and jars into their green recycling bins or bags for the Council’s crews to pick them up.

Now statistics for the first three months of the service have revealed a total of 995 tonnes of glass was collected – 543 tonnes through bottle banks and a further 451 tonnes through the the kerbside green bins and bags recycling collection.

During the same period last year, the Council collected just over 800 tonnes of glass from bottle banks and its trial glass collection scheme. This means that in just three months, the Council saved £23,400 in disposal and landfill charges.

Councillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet member for the Environment said: “We expected to see a drop in the amount of glass from the bottle banks as the service makes it more convenient to recycle glass at home, but it is clear that the new service has meant that even more glass is staying out of landfill. By making life that little bit easier for residents to recycle, we are getting results.”

Over the last three months, the recycling rounds collected 25 tonnes of black bag refuse which can ruin the good recycling material, 24 tonnes of textiles which could have gone to Plymouth charities, 20 tonnes of wood which could have gone to the recycling centres at Chelson and Weston Mill and nearly two tonnes of garden waste that could have been collected by the Council’s garden waste collection service.
What can be recycled in Plymouth:
• Paper including newspapers, printer paper, magazines, envelopes including those with plastic windows, gift wrapping paper,
• Cardboard including food packaging and greeting cards
• Food and drinks cans
• Biscuit and sweet tins
• Foil sheet
• takeaway containers and readymade food containers such as pie and cake dishes
• Plastics – eg plastic bottles, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, fruit/ punnets containers
• Glass bottles and jars
Please keep all items clean and loose. Do not put recyclables in carrier bags. You can also recycle textiles at your nearest recycling bank and plastic bags at most supermarkets.

Some glass cannot be recycled and should not be put in the box or bag. This includes light bulbs, spectacles, windows, Pyrex and drinking glasses.

Residents are being reminded to put their bins out by 6.30am on the day of collection and not before 6pm the day before and to take them in once they have been emptied.

From January next year most homes will have a new collection day as part of a major re-organisation of the bin lorry routes.

The redesigned routes will take into account the delivery of general waste to the new waste disposal facility as well as save money on fuel and running costs. The Council plans to use the new collection day publicity campaign to remind all residents about the dos and don’ts of putting their rubbish and recycling out, as well as what the crews will be able to take.