Setting out the Plymouth Plan stall

The team behind the Plymouth Plan will be setting out its stall next week – at the City Market.

Part Two of the plan is being launched this week and the team will be renting a space at the market every Friday, starting 9 October, to start talking shop and homes and roads.

The event is part of a series taking place from now until the end of the year and is designed to get as many people involving in deciding how the city should be in the future. The first are:
• Thursday 1 October at Devonport Guildhall
• Thursday 15 October in the Reception Room at the Council House
• Saturday 24 October at the Central Library between 10.30am and 1pm

As well as these events, the Plymouth Plan team wants to hear from community groups willing to run an event or workshops.

Groups can apply to the Plymouth Octopus Project for an information pack including larger printed versions of the toolkit as well as pens and flip charts to put down all the lively conversation and comments. POP will provide free training and support to organise events.

Cabinet member for Planning and Infrastructure, Councillor Mark Coker said: “We would really like people to get together with their neighbours and friends and start talking about important issues such as what sort of housing they would like to see in their area and where should those homes go.

“It’s not just about homes, it’s about what we need to see happen in neighbourhoods across the city to improve life for residents who live there. There’s a lot to think about and we are trying to make it easy for people have their say.”

All information published about the Plymouth Plan and the toolkits covering each of the areas is on and comments can be made online. Comments can also be made on the Plymouth Plan Facebook page or on Twitter @PlymouthPlan or email

Paper copies of all the toolkits will be available in all our libraries as well as the 1st Stop Shop.
Anyone interested in setting up a consultation should get in touch with
The consultation runs until 8 January.