Royal Parade and Big Screen update

Royal Parade has now been closed on a temporary basis to traffic as a safety precaution following the damage to the Big Screen earlier this afternoon.

Bus companies are currently making arrangements for alternative locations to drop off and pick up passengers who would normally use the bus stops along Royal Parade.

As there are a number of companies involved, we are asking the public to keep an eye on the companies’ social media feeds for more information.

We anticipate that the wind will die down later this evening and we hope to remove parts of the structure which are hanging off if the wind dies out as expected.

Conditions permitting, scaffolding will go up tomorrow for a more detailed assessment to be carried out.
We aim to let people know when the road will reopen as soon as we can.

We appreciate that this causes inconvenience and delays for people trying to get home after work but the safety of people walking, cycling and driving along this busy road has to be our top priority.