Revoked taxi driver’s appeal dismissed at Crown Court

A taxi driver who had his licence revoked has had an appeal against the decision dismissed by Plymouth Crown Court.

Hackney Carriage driver, Kenan Aktas, 40, of Elliot Road, Prince Rock, had his licence taken away from him by the Council’s Taxi Licensing Committee in June 2018 following a series of complaints about his standard of driving and overcharging customers.

These complaints included reports about speeding in a built up area which made passengers ‘terrified and an occasion where he was driving too fast, requiring him to brake hard to avoid going through red lights on more than one occasion.

The case was dismissed by Plymouth Magistrates court on 17 January 2019 leading Mr Aktas appealed the decision in the Crown Court.

On Friday, the Crown Court also dismissed the appeal and awarded full costs of £3,223.09 to the Council.

Recorder Mr Andrew Langdon QC concluded that having considered the evidence a fresh and whilst appreciating the stress that Mr Aktas had been under, there was no tolerance for poor driving.

Mr Langdon had applied the “safe and suitable” test and concluded that that Mr Aktas’ licence was rightly revoked by the Taxi Licensing Committee.

Councillor Sally Haydon, the Cabinet Member for Customer Focus and Community Safety “This is a very good result and gives confidence that the decisions made by members are the right decisions when it comes to the council’s main aim which is protecting the public.

“Taxis are a vital component of the public transport system that provides a door-to-door service which is relied upon by a significant number of users.

“For many visitors the journey they make in a licensed vehicle will play a significant part in forming an initial perception of the city and so our licensed drivers play an important role in the future economic success of the city as a business and visitor destination specifically in the build up to Mayflower 400.

“We therefore want to ensure all of our drivers and vehicle owners are complying with the law and are providing a safe and comfortable journey.”

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