Resurfacing scheme pays off as pothole compensation claims are slashed

Plymouth’s extensive resurfacing programme is paying off as the amount of claims for compensation for pothole damage has dropped by more than £100,000 in a year.

Plymouth City Council has spent £5 million this year on an extensive road resurfacing programme. A new report by the RAC Foundation shows that while in 2014/15 Plymouth City Council received 447 successful claims for compensation with a payout of £123,603, last year this had reduced to 17 successful claims with a payout of £3,673.

Councillor Ian Bowyer, Leader of Plymouth City Council, said: “We welcome the RAC’s announcement that there has been a huge reduction in pay-outs for compensation to motorists who have damaged their cars as a result of potholes in Plymouth. The reduction from around £123,603 in 2014/15 to £3,673 in 2015/16 is a great achievement, though we recognise there is always more to do as one pothole is one too many.

“This shows that our extensive road resurfacing programme has had an enormous impact and has greatly improved the quality of our roads.

“Working with our highways contractors Amey, this year we are spending around £5 million on resurfacing roads in the city and it is clearly making a massive difference.”

You can read the RAC Foundation’s report online here.