Reminder about work on Plymouth Road

Vegetation on Plymouth Road at the Marsh Mills and Larkham Lane junctions will be cleared over the next two weeks as part of advance works for the Eastern Corridor Junction Improvements Programme.

The work will start on Monday 19 February but will take place between 9.30am and 3.30pm to avoid the busiest traffic times.

Investigative survey works will also take place at the Coypool Road, Larkham Lane and Marsh Mills junctions to assess ground conditions and the location of utility equipment.

The work will be carried out at the three sites in the following order:
• 19 to 23 February at Marsh Mills
• 23 February at Coypool Road
• 25 February to 5 March at Larkham Lane

Some lane closures will be needed to provide safe working areas for the contractors, but work could be moved to the night time if this proves an issue for traffic.

The Eastern Corridor Junction Improvements Programme involves upgrading ageing traffic signals and replacing them with more modern, efficient and reliable equipment enabling better coordination between the junctions.

The programme aims to reduce journey times for motorists and buses and improve pedestrian safety and facilities for cyclists and is part of wider plans to reduce delays to all road users across the city and help keep the moving as it grows.

It will include new priority signage at the Glen Road/Plymbridge Road junction, changing Longbridge Road to a priority junction. Some road markings will be removed including the bus lane on Plymouth Road outside the Lidl store and a mini-roundabout is to be installed at the top of Cot Hill at its junction with Merafield Road. Pedestrian crossings at Dingle Road and Glen Road will also be upgraded.

The main work will start in the summer and includes extending the right turn lane to Cot Hill and upgrading the junctions at Coypool Road, Woodford Avenue and Larkham Lane. More details of when and where works will be carried out for each junction will be announced as the construction programme is developed.