Reminder on how to dispose of gas canisters and batteries

Plymouth City Council is reminding local people of how to dispose of gas canisters and batteries.

Councillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet Member for Streetscene for Plymouth City Council, said: “It is essential that people dispose of gas canisters and batteries in the safest and most appropriate way as they can potentially cause harm to staff working in waste facilities and to the local environment.

“Ideally used and unwanted gas canisters should be returned to the place of purchase.

“In terms of batteries, most garages and car battery retailers will take back your old car battery in exchange for the purchase of a new battery.

“Most retailers that sell batteries and major supermarkets collect household batteries for recycling. The battery collection containers are usually situated near to the shop entrances or checkouts but if you are unable to find a container, ask the shop’s staff.

“If you have a gas canister but don’t know who supplied it, a car battery that cannot be returned or exchanged, or household batteries that you are unsure where to take, these can be taken to the Council’s Household Recycling Centres Chelson Meadow and Weston Mill.”

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