Register office site explained

Some proposals outlined in our Joint Local Plan are making headlines, including the Register Office site.

The land at Lockyer Street is allocated as a mixed use development, including a hotel, in the Joint Local Plan, which is a long term look at what sort of development we would like to see and where in our city as well as in the South Hams and West Devon.

In Plymouth hundreds of sites have been identified for possible uses, should the land become available in the next 18 years. The site was earmarked in the waterfront masterplan last year as a possible investment opportunity to open up the site to a new future.

We have already started modernising the registration service, moving copy certificate ordering online and offering appointments at the Coroner’s Office at Derriford, close to the hospital.

In the coming months, we will be putting together more detailed plans about the service and will be talking with staff as well as customers when these are more firmed up. Possible sites are being considered in the city centre and waterfront areas.