Readers heading in the right direction

A new sign post has been put up outside the new library at North Prospect to point readers and new residents in the right direction.

The library at the Beacon Centre in North Prospect Road was opened less than a year ago and is a key part of the regeneration of the area.

Councillor Tudor Evans, who is councillor for Ham ward which includes North Prospect, said: “We’ve seen lots of new homes go up around here and there are many people who may not know where the library is or the facilities that are on offer – libraries are no longer just about books, although clearly they are clearly important.

“Quite simply, we wanted a sign to tell people where it is – we don’t want anyone to miss out and there are more exciting developments on the way. We want to tell people that Council services are on their doorstep.”

Other changes are on the (library) cards include installing two new computers specifically for people to access Council services online.

More staff will also be trained to help residents with queries about wider Council services as well as library ones.

Other facilities in the Beacon include LARK Nursery, a café and meeting rooms for community use.