Powering a path to play

Children will be able to follow a proper path to a play area, thanks to funding from the operators of the Langage Power Station.

Work is due to start on a path to Patna Park in Stonehouse as part of the Big Greenspace Challenge, jointly run by South Hams District Council and Plymouth City Council, to improve parks and other green spaces in the area.

The scheme is supported by the Langage Landscape Fund from the development of the Langage Energy Centre at Plympton and one of its aims is to support landscape and planting schemes involving the community.

Councillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet member for Street Scene said: “This is an ideal target for the fund. Children have carved a path in the grass from one side of the park, but it can get very muddy and look a bit shabby. This will enable a new footpath to be created in the park so that children and families can get to the play area without getting too mucky.”

Balfour Beatty, the contractors building a nearby housing site, has also offered free reclaimed Plymouth limestone to complete the work with new wall extensions. Chair Zita Moyse from Patna Green Group said: “I am delighted that the work is starting which fulfils a long held aspiration of ours.”

Plymouth City Council is managing the project, which is expected to start next week and take two weeks to complete. Access to the play area will still be available via existing paths during the construction works.

Once the path has been made, more trees will be planted in the park through the Pymouth Tree Partnership, working with the Council and the Patna Green Group.

The aim of the Langage Landscape Fund provided is to carry out planting and landscaping works to reduce the landscape and visual impact of the Langage Energy Centre, to address climate change and benefit communities in areas affected by the development”