Postal voter? Do you need to refresh your signature?

Are you one of the postal voters in Plymouth who need to ‘refresh’ their signature?

If the signature held on record for you is more than five years old you should have received a letter in January, with a form to sign and return in a pre-paid envelope.

Eighty-six per cent of those who needed to refresh their signatures have returned their forms but there are still some outstanding. We have sent reminder letters out this week to ensure everyone responds by the deadline (Monday 26 February).

Council Chief Executive Tracey Lee said: “To count a postal vote we have to check the signature on the postal voting statement against the one we hold on file. Signatures can change over time or due to health reasons so they need to be refreshed every five years, by law.

“It’s really important that the signature we hold is an accurate representation so if you’ve received a letter please sign and return your form as soon as possible to ensure you can continue to vote by post.”

Letters were only sent to around a fifth of postal voters – if you didn’t receive one you don’t need to refresh your signature this year.

If you are unable to sign your name you (or someone helping you) should contact us for advice – contact details are given in the letter.