In pole position – new flagpoles on the Hoe

Councillor Mike Leaves and Roy Martin from the PWP

The new flagpoles are now up on Plymouth Hoe.

A row of 18 new flagpoles have been put up by the promenade to replace the old weather beaten ones.

The new poles have halyards hidden inside them which mean the flags can be changed without needing a cherry picker. They are also hinged, so that if they are damaged, can be lowered and removed more easily

Councillor Michael Leaves, Cabinet Member for Streetscene and the Environment said: “They look great and I look forward to seeing the flags fluttering over the Hoe. The Hoe’s a magnet for everyone so it is vital that it looks the best it can be. These flagpoles are modern, will be make raising and lowering flags for all our events much easier and more cost-effective.”

Roy Martin, interim chair of Plymouth Waterfront Partnership said: “The Hoe and the Waterfront are so important to the city, to its visitors as well as businesses so we are thrilled to see this investment. It makes a huge difference.”

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