Plymouth’s famous wedding cake gets a make over

As part of Plymouth’s community payback scheme, a group of offenders will be helping to restore one of the city’s landmarks back to its former glory.

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The Colonnaded Belvedere, or wedding cake as it is affectionately known, was built in 1891,  towards the end of a decade that saw massive changes on the Hoe, as it was transformed from farmland with grazing for cows and sheep, to an attractive landscaped garden area.

Because of its prominent position, the Belvedere gets the full force of the South West weather and this means that maintenance work needs to take place to ensure its hardwearing external faces are ready for whatever is thrown at it.

The work that will be carried out includes; rubbing down old paint work, filling in any holes, priming the stone work with antifungal paint, before giving it a fresh new coat of oil based paint to ensure it stays looking it’s best for longer.

As part of this project, the three shelters on the Hoe will also undergo the same treatment.

The landmark will look exactly as it did when first painted as the Council has worked with several local paint suppliers to make sure the paint used in the revamp is as close to the original colour of the Belvedere as possible.

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Councillor Brian Vincent said: “This is a great project – not only does it see a landmark get a fresh lick of paint, the people tasked with doing it are contributing their time and efforts in a way that will benefit the community as a whole.”