Plymouth Road traffic management update

Road works on Plymouth Road are moving on to the next stage.

From October, improvements to Marsh Mills and Larkham Lane will continue to take shape and work at Cot Hill will also begin.

The works, part of the Eastern Corridor Junction Improvements Scheme, began earlier this month.

We know that road works of any kind are inconvenient, so here is a summary of what is going on up until Christmas to help you plan your journey.

We’ve done our best to be as accurate as possible with these dates but as with all construction projects, they could be subject to change.


What we’re doing
Adding an extra lane to the entry of the roundabout for traffic accessing the A38, with upgrades to the crossing facilities and signals.

What will be closed?
Thursday 3 October for 13 weeks: Far left-hand lane closed at the entrance to the roundabout and at times a lane closure on the roundabout itself and along the inside lane of the slip road to the A38. Occasional night and weekend working during this time will also be needed and will be carried out between 7pm and 6am.


What we’re doing
Larkham Lane will be changed to a two lane exit, allowing more vehicles to flow onto Plymouth Road in a shorter green light window.

New crossing facilities and a new cycle lane between Larkham Lane and Dingle Road are also in the plans.

What will be closed?
10 October for two weeks: Left-hand lane closure city-bound on Plymouth Road between the access to the Errill Retail Park and Lidl.

24 October for five weeks: One lane closed Plympton-bound between Cot Hill and Larkham Lane.

24 October for five weeks: Larkham Lane closed southbound from Unicorn Close. No access to Plymouth Road. Diversion via Woodford Avenue or Plymbridge Road.

2 December for six weeks: Larkham Lane closed northbound from Plymouth Road to Unicorn Close. No access from Plymouth Road. Road will temporarily open between Christmas Eve and New Years Day.


What we’re doing
A major part of the scheme is an extension to the eastbound, right-turn lane at Cot Hill where the road will be widened, reducing queues at this junction.

What will be closed?
Sunday 27 October for one day: Plymouth Road closed Plympton-bound between Woodford Avenue to Great Woodford Drive to enable the clearance of the vegetation on the river bank side of Plymouth Road to be carried out safely.

Monday 28 October for 18 weeks: Two lane closure on Plymouth Road, Plympton bound including the right-turn to Cot Hill. Access to Cot Hill will be via the Larkham Lane junction.


Thank you so much for your patience. Nobody likes roadworks and we know it can be frustrating. Hopefully seeing the plans set out like this will help with journey planning

There’s no easy answer to planning major road improvements but we think we’re doing it the best way that we can.

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