Plymouth dog owners back campaign to clear up dog mess

Responsible dog owners in Plymouth are backing a campaign to clean up dog mess in the city.

Dog owners who don’t clear up could face a £100 fixed penalty notice.

Local owners and dog walking groups are working with Plymouth City Council to encourage owners to do the right thing and help keep the city’s streets and parks clean.

Dog mess can now be put in any of the city’s waste bins and those who don’t clear up after their dogs could now face a £100 fixed penalty notice.

Local dog walker Louise Marsack said: “Like most dog owners, I go for walks in our local parks and I always pick up my dog’s mess, bag it and put it in the bin. But there are others who don’t, and this isn’t fair on the rest of us.

“Pick it up. Don’t give dog owners a bad name.”

Helen Johnson, who runs Muddy Paws dog walking service in Plymouth, agreed. Helen said: “I run a dog walking service, Muddy Paws, in Plymouth, and like the vast majority of responsible dog owners, I always clear up the dog poo.

“Did you know you can now put your dog’s mess in any waste bins? It really couldn’t be easier so there is no excuse for not clearing it up.”

Councillor Sally Haydon, Cabinet Member for Customer Focus and Community Safety for Plymouth, said: “I’m pleased to have the support of local dog owners to help clean up our city. The vast majority of dog owners are responsible and will clear up after their dog’s mess. But there are a minority who don’t clear up and give other dog owners a bad name.

“The Council has pledged to work with responsible dog owners to campaign for zero tolerance of dog mess on our pavements and fine those owners who do not clean up after their dog.

“Pick it up. Can you afford not to?”

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