Plymouth City Survey 2020 lands on doormats across city

Plymouth residents are being asked: What do you think about where you live?

Over 8,000 questionnaires are currently dropping on doormats across the city as part of a randomly-selected sample of Plymouth residents.

The short questionnaire is designed to find out about what people think of Plymouth, how they feel about their local area and how they are feel about their life now.

The survey, which is a jointly-funded venture between Plymouth City Council and University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, will give the organisations a city-wide perspective, looking at views of residents across all wards and different areas of the city and between different groups of people.

This follows on from the 2018 City Survey, which was used to help us make more informed decisions and better understand how people feel about Plymouth.

Councillor Leader Tudor Evans said: “I’d urge anyone who gets one of these surveys to fill it in as it will give us a snapshot of what our residents think about their city, their community as well as their own health and wellbeing.

“Both the Council and the Hospital have an important role in improving the lives of Plymouth residents and the information we gather is being used to build a better picture of how people feel about the city and where we need to consider better targeting resources.”

The aim is to repeat the survey in future years to track the city’s progress towards the vision to become one of Europe’s most vibrant waterfront cities where an outstanding quality of life is enjoyed by everyone and whether the city is working together to achieve this.

Areas covered by the survey include:

Your city – perception of Plymouth and levels of volunteering across the city

Your local area – feelings of belonging, feelings of safety and community involvement.

Your life – personal health and wellbeing.

We encourage anyone who receives a copy of the questionnaire to complete it online, alternatively you can return it in the pre-paid envelope provided by 14 February.