Plymouth City Council seizes another house in poor condition from landlord

Plymouth City Council has seized control of a house in the city which was in poor condition, taking over from a landlord who failed to act on warnings.

It is the second such property in six months the Council has had to take over from a local landlord.

The Council issued an Interim Management Order against the landlord, after repeated warnings about the dangerous staircase, lack of hot water, lack of heating and extensive damp, were ignored by the landlord who failed to make the necessary improvements in a six month period.

Councillor Chris Penberthy, Plymouth City Council Cabinet Member for Cooperatives, Housing and Community Safety, said: “This action demonstrates that Plymouth City Council will not tolerate bad landlords and that we demand good living standards for tenants in the city.

“We gave ample warning to the landlord about this property but they failed to make the necessary improvements.

“The Council has now taken management of the property for up to 12 months, to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the five occupants.

“It is very disappointing when landlords fail to provide a basic level of service. This reflects badly on many good landlords who provide much needed, quality accommodation in the city.”

The property is a large house on the Hoe. An application to licence the property was received in December 2013, but has been refused as the applicants lacked the resources to upgrade and manage the property.

Property Links have been appointed by the Councils Private Sector Housing Team to help manage the property. A full survey is planned in the near future so that a detailed programme of works can be formulated to address the many and various problems in the house.

Plymouth City Council will investigate any reports of landlords who do not respect tenants’ rights, fail to carry out essential repairs, or fail to provide clean, safe accommodation.

Anyone with concerns about a landlord can call our Freephone line on 0800 9530120 or email