Plymouth City Council backs campaign for fairer police funding

Plymouth City Council is supporting the campaign for fairer police funding for Devon and Cornwall.

Tony Hogg, Devon and Cornwall’s Police and Crime Commissioner, handed in a signature with 8,500 signatures to Downing Street on Tuesday 15 September, along with MPs across the region. This was the culmination of a three month campaign against further cuts, which could see the local force losing millions of pounds funding and hundreds of officers.

Prior to this, the Council submitted a response to the Government’s consultation on the future of police funding.

Councillor Tudor Evans, Leader of Plymouth City Council, said: “The current police funding formula is outdated and needs to be reformed. Worse still, proposals for change are fundamentally flawed and unfair and would mean that Devon and Cornwall’s funding allocation could be reduced as much as £24million.

“This would make our Police force the fifth lowest funded per head in the country, with half the level of funding of the highest grant recipient forces in the north of England. This threat to funding comes on top of other huge under-funding of Plymouth services – the ‘missing millions’ that the Council has been campaigning on for some time now

“The Police and Crime Commissioner has warned us that this could mean a further reduction of 480 officers and staff across the force, and Plymouth, as the largest urban area, would face significant risks if further cut to this extent. There is no doubt that Plymouth, as the largest urban area in the Force, would face significant risks if policing was further cut to this extent.

“The Government’s proposals are biased towards other areas and fail to recognise the impact that tourism places on the police. We are joining forces with the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall and oppose the change proposed, putting forward an alternative proposal which is fairer and gives due recognition to the circumstances in Devon and Cornwall. The Force needs more money not less, and Plymouth must get its fair share of this.”