Plymouth businesses asked ‘how can regulators help more?’

Businesses are being asked how better relationships can be forged between companies and the councils and organisations that regulate them.

Plymouth City Council is asking businesses to fill in a survey to find out what sort of support they would like to see to help them comply with regulations that affect their business.

Plymouth City Council is working with other regulatory services in Devon and Somerset, whose services include food safety, health and safety, licensing, trading standards and fire safety.

By helping and supporting businesses to comply with legislation it is hoped that it will, in turn, create a level playing field, promote economic growth and encourage businesses to invest in the area.

Councillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet Member for the Environment said: “We know regulation can be difficult to navigate so we want to simplify things and develop better relationships between businesses and regulators.

“These regulations are designed to protect the consumer and keep people safe, but we think there may be ways that we can simplify how we work with businesses so that they get the support they need to grow and be successful.”

The feedback from the survey will be used by the regulating authorities to help develop ‘Better Business for All’ – a national initiative to reduce the regulatory burden on business.

It aims to create a more focused way of working together to support businesses by making regulations easier to access and understand.

It is endorsed by the Better Regulation Delivery Office, part of the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

This survey will close on 29 March.