Pledge to continue support for Operation Encompass

Co-creators and founders of Operation Encompass David and Elisabeth Carney-Haworth with Councillor Jon Taylor

Plymouth City Council has pledged to continue supporting a scheme which was set up locally to support children witnessing or experiencing domestic abuse.

Operation Encompass is already running across 33 police forces but has recently secured Home Office funding of £163,000 to enable the scheme to be introduced across all 43 police force areas in England and Wales.

All schools in Plymouth are briefed and are able to be part of the scheme and representatives from schools and the Police were at Pentillie Castle yesterday for the latest briefing run by the charity and Devon and Cornwall Police.

Operation Encompass ensures that police contact a school before the start of the next school day when one of their pupils has been exposed to domestic abuse. The school’s safeguarding team can then put in place support. This could be something as simple as making arrangements if a child is tired because they have been kept awake due to an incident.

The Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Transformation met the Operation Encompass founders this week to hear about the work they’re doing. Councillor Taylor said: “We pledged to support and highlight Devon and Cornwall Police’s commitment to Operation Encompass so it’s great to hear that the scheme that started locally has now been expanded nationally to help children up and down the country.

“When a child’s home life is in turmoil, having people show kindness, understanding and support during an extremely stressful time is priceless. I’d also like to thank all the school staff across Plymouth who’ve helped children during some extraordinarily difficult moments in their life.”