Play parks set for refurbishment

Eight play areas across the city are set for a makeover in the coming months.

This, the second phase of play improvements recently delivered by the council, will see a total of 38 play spaces receive a makeover by spring 2020.

The first phase play improvements, which saw 32 play areas across the city upgraded, was completed earlier in the year.

The play areas getting an upgrade before summer next year include Devonport Park, Strand Street, Chard Barton, Patna Place, Bladder Meadow, Knowle Battery, How Street and Carlton Terrace.

Councillor Pete Smith, Deputy Leader of the Council said: “Play is so important for the development and learning of our children. I am delighted that we’re able to refurbish these play spaces across the city for everyone to enjoy.

“We have pledged to continue to invest in children’s play facilities, and this announcement is the first step in fulfilling that promise.”

The play improvements plan as a whole aims to fulfil a standard set out in the Joint Local Plan which will provide local outdoor play within 400m of people’s homes.

Throughout the duration of the first phase, comprehensive engagement with local residents has enabled communities to have their say on the type of equipment they want to see in their local park. This will continue throughout the second phase of the project.