Parking changes to help residents

Residents living close to the city centre will find it easier to park after changes to parking restrictions have been introduced.

The new scheme, which will benefit residents living between Central Park and Mutley Plain, aims to maximise available parking by removing some double yellow lines and merging permit parking zones, which will allow residents the flexibility to find and park in spaces over a larger area.

The recommendations come after a number of residents contacted Plymouth City Council because they were experiencing difficulties parking close to their homes due to non-residents parking in the area.

Council Leader Ian Bowyer said: “Residents told us that they were having real issues parking near their homes, so I am pleased that we have been able to use our experience of what works in other areas of the city to create a number of positive changes to support our residents, their visitors and businesses with parking solutions.”

A new three-hour parking restrictions zone will be created in order to reduce the impact of commuter parking, meaning that only those with parking permits will be able to park in the area between noon and 3pm, to provide residents with added parking priority.

The changes were brought in following a period of consultation in which some residents told the Council that they would prefer their zone were not merged into the area affected by the proposal and this has been reflected in the decision.

This decision is made under delegated authority and is subject to call in by scrutiny.