Nuclear safety leaflets for Devonport

Neighbours of Devonport Dockyard are to be reminded of important nuclear safety advice.

Homes and business that fall within the official public information zone will receive a booklet which details instructions to follow in the unlikely event of a nuclear accident.

If there is a nuclear emergency, people could be exposed to gamma and beta radiation. In some circumstances radioactive material could escape from the Devonport Site and affect areas close to, or downwind of it. The booklet tells the public what to do in the very unlikely event that this happens.

The booklet has been produced in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence, who own the Devonport Royal Dockyard and the Dockyard Port of Plymouth, and will be delivered to over 16,000 homes.

Councillor Dave Downie, Cabinet Member for Safer and Stronger Communities said: “The safety of the public is our number one priority and no matter how unlikely an incident might be, we have to make sure that the people in the immediate proximity of Devonport are prepared.

“We ask those who receive this booklet to read it carefully and ensure that they know what to do in a worst case scenario.”

The booklets are updated once every three years to comply with Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations and encourage members of the public to sign up to our free emergency notification system. In the event of an emergency, those registered would receive information via their landline or mobile at their home or business.

You can view the existing REPPIR emergency plan for the Devonport site by clicking here