Night-time road and pavement condition surveys ahead of two key transport schemes

Specialist surveys to find out the current condition of road and pavements earmarked for two key transport schemes are due to get underway next week.

Roads around Charles Cross roundabout and the area covered by the Woolwell to the George transport scheme will be surveyed over eight nights between Monday 12 and Friday 23 February – excluding weekends.

Contractors will take core samples of road layers and pavements in a number of locations to assess the underlying road condition and to plan for any remedial works that might be needed. If the roads need to be substantially overhauled, this cost can be factored in to the budgets for each of the schemes as the design progresses.

The surveys will be carried out between 7pm and 5am to avoid the busiest times and some lane closures and temporary traffic lights will be needed to make sure the surveys can be carried out safely. Full road closures will not be needed. 

Councillor Patrick Nicholson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Strategic Transport, Housing and Planning said: “Doing these surveys at the same time makes financial and logistical sense. It helps us to better plan road schemes, save money and lessen the inconvenience and ensures best value for money.”

The investigation works will involve some noise but this is planned to take place earlier in the evening where possible to minimise disturbance to local residents. Access to properties will be maintained throughout the works.

The roads to be surveyed around Charles Cross scheme will be carried out in the week beginning 12 February and includes:

  • Exeter Street
  • Exeter Street viaduct
  • Charles Street
  • Hampton Street
  • Charles Cross roundabout

 The roads to be surveyed for the Woolwell to the George scheme will start on 16 February and will continue the following week. It includes 

  •  A386 Tavistock Road from the George Junction to just north of Woolwell Crescent
  •  Woolwell Crescent
  • Woolwell Road and Woolwell roundabout

There are around 40,000 vehicle trips a day around Charles Cross roundabout and the majority of the city’s bus services use it on their regular routes. 

The Charles Cross Improvement Scheme aims to improve traffic flow for all vehicles, including bus priority measures and improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. The scheme will be coordinated with the redevelopment of Bretonside and the new History Centre (both due to open in 2020) to create a better gateway to the city centre. The scheme is expected to start in the Autumn.

The Woolwell to The George Scheme aims to alleviate congestion at the pinch point on the A386 Tavistock Road and support proposed new developments in the north of the city.

This stretch of road is used by more than 30,000 vehicles a day and there are often queues and delays at peak times. More design work on the scheme is still in the pipeline and work is due to start in 2020.