New Walking Guide for Co-operative Way

Plymouth’s hidden nature reserves and fascinating fortresses take centre stage in a new walking guide for the Co-operative Way.

Plymouth City Council has updated a guide for the 15-mile circular walking route which runs around the north of the city. The Co-operative Way was initially established by the Plymouth and West Devon Co-operative Society in 2000 as part of their 140th anniversary celebrations as a gift to the city and has now been adopted by the Council who have produced this guide to help people enjoy it.

It starts and ends at Central Park and includes a number of the city’s parks, green spaces and nature reserves.

Councillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet member for the Environment said: “This is a great guide for a great walk which is not just for visitors, but for our own residents who may not realise quite how much green space and fascinating history is right on their doorstep. “It’s great to see this launched in the Co-operative Fortnight as it includes fascinating detail about how by working together, communities have helped each other develop and grow through the Co-operative Movement. More than ever we are working together to make life better for our residents – this is our history as well as our present.”

This booklet guides folk through areas full of unexpected wildlife and history they can touch. Walkers will follow streamside paths in nature reserves, spot rare wild flowers and unusual city-dwellers and walk the carriageway where Charles I rode to take the salute from his army.

Councillor Mark Coker said: “This route really shows off our history and the guide is a great way of seeing the city with a new pair of eyes and visiting areas that have been off their radar.” Other information includes –

  • The history of Central Park and Plymouth Zoo
  • A unique insight into the last moments of a potential French solider invading Crownhill Fort
  • Why Ham Woods was so important to one of the greatest English soldiers who ever lived.
  • Photographs inside Leigham tunnel
  • An explanation of particularly important toilet in Thorn Park…

For more information about the Co-operative Way, including a digital copy of the walking guide, visit

The Co-operative Way is 15 miles long and starts and ends at Milehouse Park and Ride site.

A further programme of guided walks will be set up for later in the summer.