New subsidised bus network to include Sherford

Sherford will soon be getting its first bus service following a review of the city’s subsidised network.

Launching in September, the 2A will be operated by Stagecoach South West and link the new community in the east with Saltash in the west, via Plymstock Broadway, Pomphlett Roundabout, the city centre, railway station and Milehouse.

It will run every 20 minutes during the day from Monday to Saturday and hourly in the evenings, on Sundays and on Bank Holidays.

Stagecoach South West will also take over nine of our 11 financially supported services (7D, 13, 14, 18, 19, 31, 39, 52 and 223) from Monday 29 October, with customers seeing a number of improvements.

Service 14 will be extended to Derriford (restoring an hourly service to residents of Powisland Drive, Dunraven Drive and Upland Drive from Monday to Saturday).

Service 52 which links Plympton, Leigham and Asda in Estover to Derriford Hospital, will be extended to serve Crownhill, Hartley Vale, Compton, Mannamead and the city centre, replacing the current service 39 and providing new cross-city links as a result.

We are also stepping in to fund replacement services for Holly Park and Ringmore Way (where the commercially-run services 50A and 51A are being withdrawn) and Mainstone (currently served by the 28A). The replacement services will continue to be operated by Plymouth Citybus.

Councillor Mark Coker, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure, said: “Most of the city’s bus services are run commercially but there are some that we financially support to ensure residents can get from A to B and access the local services they need.

“With ever-growing pressures on our budgets it’s really important to target this funding where it is most needed. Before tendering these contracts we carried out a full review of current demand and travel patterns to ensure our new network meets passengers’ needs while delivering value for money.

“Where many councils across the country have been reducing or withdrawing their bus subsidies we are really pleased to have managed to retain our full network, with only minor changes, as well as replace services being withdrawn by commercial operators and introduce a new service into Sherford.”