New service launched to help people recover at home

Councillor Ian Tuffin

More people will be helped to stay at home safely and recover from illnesses and injury thanks to a new service that has started this week. 

An average of 150 people a week will benefit from Plymouth’s new Independence@Home service, run by Plymouth City Council with support from Livewell South West.

The service is designed to help people leaving hospital who need short term care and support in the community for up to six weeks.

It is hoped that the service will ease pressure on the hospital, reducing the backlog of patients who are fit to leave hospital but have to stay because of a lack of appropriate care or support at home.

Plymouth City Council stepped into run the service, which had been due to be run by another provider, until they withdrew from the procurement process last month.

Councillor Ian Tuffin, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care said: “This was the right thing to do. We need continuity of care for the people coming out of hospital, particularly as we head towards winter when the hospital experience more pressure on beds.”

He also paid tribute to the staff within the Council who have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure the service was ready to roll.

He said: “They had around 24 days – not just to create a new service, but all the back office functions, the IT, the uniforms, the lot.”

Under the service, people who are discharged from hospital will get an assessment in their home within two hours.

care and support plan is put together to ensure a speedy recovery and staff work with clients to see what they need to help them to regain their confidence and abilities after a hospital stay. It could be extra support to wash, help with the cooking or aids to help them become more mobile.

Earlier this year, the Council set out its intentions for the Plymouth Health and Wellbeing System up to 2020

  • Improve health and wellbeing outcomes for the local population
  • Reduce inequalities in health and wellbeing of the local population
  • Improve people’s experience of care
  • Improve the sustainability of our health and wellbeing system

Councillor Tuffin added: “This service is pivotal to reducing the pressure on the hospital but more importantly, people always prefer being in their own home and make a speedier recovery. This is about making that possible.”