New bin day cards being delivered

Thousands of Christmas cards are being delivered to let people know what days their bins will be collected as part of a major reorganisation of the city’s rubbish and recycling rounds.

Seasons greetings combined with dates of new recycling and rubbish collection days are being sent out from this week to thousands of homes across the city ahead of the start of the new rounds on January 19.

Councillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “Every home on the city will get a card from us so that they have the dates of their new collection days.

“The card has clear guidelines about what can go in bins and bags and the best way the bins and bags can be put out. As part of our review of Council services  we have been looking at everything we do to see if we can be more efficient, while making things easier for residents. By changing the routes we can cut down journey times, reduce the risk of missed collections and reduce costs.

“Time and again our customers have also told us they want clearer policies on issues such as where their bins should be, who should receive an assisted collection and whether they can put out rubbish next to their bins or not.

The new bin days are designed to also take into account the new waste disposal plant in Barne Barton which  is due to come online in early 2015, which will take the city’s rubbish that can’t be recycled.

Earlier this year the Council introduced ‘doorstep’ glass recycling collection for every home to increase recycling and make it easier for residents.

It has also introduced a delivery charge to replace lost or damaged bins in a move designed to encourage people to look after their bins or bags more. Replacement bins are still free for people prepared to collect them from Prince Rock depot, our libraries and the new 1st Stop in the City Centre.

The changes to the city’s waste service will lead to savings of £1.3 million over the next three years, but more importantly will lead to a better service for residents, cleaner streets as a result of clearer rules about the rubbish collections

The Christmas card also includes a reminder for people to register to vote as this has now changed. Under the old system one person in every household could register everyone who lived at the address. Now everyone has become responsible for registering themselves. You need to be registered in order to be able to vote.

Councillor Vincent added: “It’s so important that people register their vote – as we were sending information to every home in Plymouth, it was an ideal opportunity to get this message across.”
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