Measures being introduced to tackle problem parking around Life Centre

Measures to tackle inconsiderate and dangerous parking around the Plymouth Life Centre will be introduced next month, following public consultation earlier in the year.

The measures will address ongoing problems with vehicles being left around the edge of the Life Centre car park, outside the marked bays and on kerbs, which obstructs access for other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Vehicles are often found parked along the side of the building (near Home Park), blocking access for emergency vehicles and restricting access to the disabled parking bays. 

To help tackle the problem the Council is introducing an off-street order covering the car park and a Traffic Regulation Order covering the road between the Life Centre and Home Park, both effective from Monday 6 June.

When the orders come into force anyone who does not park in a designated bay will risk being issued with a penalty charge notice of £70 (reduced to £35 if paid within 28 days).

Notices are being put up to warn drivers about the changes and vehicles found parked in areas where restrictions will apply are being issued with warning notices, advising drivers to use designated bays or risk a fine.

The new traffic orders will complement a number of improvements made following a road safety audit, including new bollards along Mayflower Drive and the restriction of parking along the Mayflower Drive loading bay.

Proposals to implement a time limit rotation system for the Life Centre car park will not be implemented, following consultation feedback.