Lowered kerbs to make getting around easier

Getting around Ham has got a little bit easier for people in wheelchairs, mobility scooters and parents with prams.


A series of drop kerbs have been installed at various points along the busy Wolseley Road, thanks to funding from the Council’s Living Streets and Safer School Journeys scheme.


Council leader Tudor Evans, who is a Ham ward councillor, together with fellow ward councillor Tina Touhy, requested the ‘dropped crossings’ at Erith Avenue, Second Avenue and Ferndale Avenue after listening to local residents..


Councillor Evans said: “This sort of alteration can make a huge difference to our residents going about their business up and down this road every day.


“For the first time, people in wheelchairs or scooters and mums with prams have a clear and uninterrupted path from Weston Mill to the Camel’s Head Post Office.


“Myself and Tina were delighted to be able to help make this happen. Many of our residents are in mobility scooters and getting up kerbs can be a nightmare. These small measures can make daily life that little bit easier.”


Under the Living Streets scheme, members of the public can ask for work to be carried out to improve the road environment and the safety of children’s school journeys.


Requests can cover anything from signing, lining, TROs, bollards, crossings to physical school road safety initiatives.