Look out for EU poll cards

Voters across Plymouth will be receiving their poll cards soon for the upcoming European Parliamentary election on Thursday 23 May.

In order to make it clear which poll cards are for the European Parliamentary election poll cards for regular voters are tangerine and those for postal voters are steel grey. (Poll cards for the local election next Thursday are white.)

Your poll card will show the date of the election, polling hours and the location of your polling station.

Unfortunately the timing of the decision to take part in the European Parliamentary election has meant that schools that are used as polling stations will face two days of disruption in May.

Tracey Lee, Local Returning Officer for Plymouth, said: “Although we avoid using schools as polling stations wherever possible, by law, each district must have polling places that are within easy reach of voters, physically accessible and suitable for voting to take place. I appreciate and apologise for the disruption that this will cause to staff, students and their parents/carers, and thank them for their co-operation.

“We use buildings like libraries, church halls and community halls wherever possible but it is sometimes the case that a school is the only suitable venue available in a particular area.

“A full review of all our polling stations is done every four years, as required by the Electoral Commission, and we use this opportunity to try and find alternatives to schools each time. Where schools are used, we work together to minimise disruption for pupils, parents and staff.”