Lighting up Plymouth streets in a greener way

Plymouth City Council is lighting up the city but saving energy and running costs at the same time.


Around 3,500 LED lights have now been installed so far as part of the Council’s £8 million street lighting replacement programme.


Streets in in the north-west of the city have been the first to receive the new lights, which give a colour of light similar to that of moonlight.


Installation is being carried out in phases, working from west to east, before continuing across the south of the city.


The 18-month project will see nearly 29,000 street lights in the city replaced with energy efficient light emitting diode LED lamps. These are supplied by Urbis Schreder and are being installed by the Council’s street lighting maintenancce contractor, Cartledge Limited, part of the Kier group.


In most cases the LED units are flatter and squarer than existing lamps, but in areas with heritage lighting, care is being taken to use lamps that are similar in appearance to the existing ones.


Councillor Mark Coker, Cabinet Member for Transport said: “This is a great scheme that benefits our residents right outside their homes as well as their pockets.


“The new lights emit a whiter and clearer light, which makes it easier for people to see and will make people feel safer. White light has been shown to improve visibility for drivers, who can detect roadside movement faster and at a greater distance, which improves road safety.


“The new lights are also directed downwards, which reduces the amount of light pollution into people’s houses. It also means there is less light pollution from the city of Plymouth – which is better for stargazers as well as the environment.”

Cartledge director Graham Cartledge added: “We started the new street lighting contract with Plymouth City Council at the beginning of April and I’m delighted with how we have worked together to produce a programme that will reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions earlier than originally forecast. This major street light replacement project will save in excess of 7MW of energy and over 4,000 tonnes of CO2.”

Plymouth is among the first wave of first cities in the UK to replace all its street lights with LED units, but other councils such as Birmingham and Gateshead have installed them extensively.

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