Let there be light – testing for one night

Historic city landmarks will be getting a glimpse of life in the spotlight tonight with trial lighting tests.

 Technical trials are taking place at the Mayflower Steps, Mount Batten tower and Charles Cross.

 The trials are being carried out to check the effect of the lamps proposed and the intensity of the lighting from the proposed locations.

Careful consideration has to be being given to the exact location of the lamp as the landmarks are listed. Fixings and cable routes will all have to comply with listed building consent.

 Councillor Mark Lowry, Cabinet Member for Finance and Assets said: “It’s incredibly important to get this right, so the lights are being tested for intensity – it’s on tonight only, but should be a lovely sight on a dark night.”

 The company carrying out the trials is LITE ltd supported by Hyde Park Electricals.

 Part of the evening’s trail is to see if a wireless signal between Mount Batten Tower and Smeaton’s Tower works – it if does, the two towers could be  to investigate if the control lighting of the structures can be linked for simultaneous switching.