Launch of Plymouth’s Book of Wonder

Over 100 amazing facts about Plymouth have been brought together in a lovely book that will help show off Britain’s Ocean City.

The publication features a mixture of quirky and fascinating knowledge nuggets all beautifully illustrated with stunning photographs and designs that will catch the eyes of movers and shakers in the region, Whitehall and beyond.

The information is a combination of modern and old, industry and commerce which all help sell Plymouth as a place with a fascinating past, a lively present and an incredible future.

Did you know?

  • Plymouth is the greenest city in the UK with 40 per cent of the city green space
  • Houdini challenged carpenters from Devonport naval base to make a box from which he could not escape. He was nailed inside the box at his show at the Palace Theatre and escaped in 12 minutes
  • Scott of the Antarctic was a Plymouth Boy – he’s one of the top 100 Britons

It also provides a snapshot of how important many companies in Plymouth are:

  • Kawasaki‘s Plymouth factory supplied the hydraulic motors that were used to bore the Channel Tunnel
  • Plymouth has the highest number of post-war listed buildings outside London and is unique example of a 20th Century city
  • Wrigley’s Plymouth factory produces over three million packets of chewing gum… in a day

Council Leader Tudor Evans said: “It’s a fascinating and easy read with lots of lovely pictures. I go to lots of meetings to champion the city’s case for more funding for services and to encourage more investors so that we can create and keep good jobs here.

“Many people I talk to are incredibly busy and don’t have a lot of time – but this should make them sit up and take notice. This is a great tool for inward investment.”

The Book of Wonder will be given out to potential investors as well as at exhibitions. A pdf is also available on the Plymouth City Council and Destination Plymouth websites.