Latest survey shows adults in care in Plymouth feel safe and secure

The latest survey on adults in care in Plymouth says the service they received makes them feel safe and secure.

93% of respondents to the annual survey, which Plymouth City Council participated in earlier this year and was published by NHS Digital last week, said the services they receive make them feel safe and secure.

In total, 1,153 questionnaires were sent out in February of this year and 422 adults in care responded, a response rate of 37%, which is above the target of a 30% response rate. The Council is overall responsible for commissioning adult social care services in the city (working in partnership with Northern, Eastern and Western Clinical Commissioning Group), and frontline adult social care staff are employed by Livewell Southwest.

Councillor Lynda Bowyer, Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care for Plymouth City Council, said: “We are pleased with the results of this survey, which shows that the majority of people are satisfied with the care they receive in Plymouth and importantly, feel safe and secure.

“Although these are challenging times both in terms of funding and demand for services, there are some excellent care services in Plymouth. We must not be complacent though and we continue to work with all our partners including the local NHS and care providers in the city to drive up standards of care. We are integrating more of our health and social care services in Plymouth, and we held our first ever ‘Celebrating Excellence in Care’ event this year to recognise good practice. Our Quality Assessment and Improvement Team also continues to both monitor and work collaboratively with care providers in the city, both via our contracts and through regular forums, and we are also in regular contact with the Care Quality Commission as the official regulatory body. It is also important that we ensure swift action to deal with any issues in the care sector identified either through our own work or bodies such as the CQC.”

Steve Waite, Chief Executive of Livewell Southwest (formerly Plymouth Community Healthcare), said: “It is very reassuring to know that most of the respondents said they felt safe and secure using Plymouth’s care services. Frontline adult social care staff transferred from the Council in April 2015 and we now run a fully integrated health and social care service in the community, and these result show we are clearly going in the right direction. We also recently received a good rating from the Care Quality Commission for Livewell Southwest’s services.

“We recognise there is always room for improvement though and continue to work with our partners in the Council, NEW Devon CCG and the other NHS providers to deliver consistently high quality care for the people of Plymouth.”

Other key statistics include:

  • 71% of respondents were satisfied with the social care services they receive – above the England average of 65%.
  • 79% of respondents said they had as much control over their daily life as they wanted, above the England average of 77%.
  • 75% of respondents say they find it easy to find information about their support, equal to the England average.
  • The ‘Social Care Quality of Life score for Plymouth, based on the responses to the survey, is 19.8, which is above the England average score of 19.1. This score is a consolidation of eight domains which include dignity, personal care, food and nutrition, safety, occupation, social participation, and accommodation.

The results of the survey will now be used by the Department of Health, NHS Digital (formerly the Health and Social Care Information Centre), the Care Quality Commission, and Plymouth City Council to gauge how satisfied people are with care and support services and assess their experiences of local care. The next survey will take place in early 2017.