Lane adjustments to improve traffic flow on Derriford Roundabout

We will be adjusting some of the lane designations on Derriford Roundabout overnight on Thursday 19 July, following initial monitoring of the new layout and feedback from drivers. 

Some drivers have told us the lane designations could be clearer between Derriford Road and Looseleigh Lane and this is supported by observations from the scheme’s contractor.

At the moment lane one (marked ‘A386 CITY’, with an ahead only arrow) is for traffic heading straight onto Tavistock Road inbound.

Lane two (also marked ‘A386 CITY’, with an ahead arrow and a right turn arrow) is for traffic heading straight onto Tavistock Road inbound or going right – taking the Looseleigh Lane exit towards Tamerton.

Lane three (marked ‘TAV’K’, with a right turn arrow) is for traffic heading for Tavistock Road outbound or to access lane four to Derriford Hospital.

However, some drivers have been using lane three to exit at Looseleigh Lane, causing a possible conflict point with drivers correctly using lane two for this route.

To help prevent this, we are removing the right turn arrow from lane two, making it ‘ahead only’, like lane one. This means there will be two lanes for Tavistock Road inbound and lane three will be just for traffic heading towards Tamerton or Tavistock.

We will also be adding ‘TAM’N’ markings on lane three to make this even clearer.

We will continue to monitor traffic flow in the area following these changes and across the whole scheme, as part of the next road safety audit.

The Derriford Transport Scheme works were substantially completed by the end of March and traffic restrictions were removed.

Since then the contractor has been busy completing the high friction road surfacing and associated white lining, as well as finishing the footway/cycleway resurfacing that could not be completed in March due to poor weather.

Some landscaping has already taken place, including grass and wildflower seeding, but the tree and hedge planting will take place from October (which is the best time for plating to allow the vegetation to establish).

Work on the Sendalls Way signal upgrade is due to be completed by the end of next week.