Landlords told to tidy up properties

Landlords of untidy properties are being told to smarten their act as part of ongoing enforcement action.

Owners of five properties in the Mutley and North Hill areas of the city are this week being served ‘untidy land notices’ in the post.

The properties are:

  • 12 Connaught Avenue
  • 14 Connaught Avenue
  • 23 Hill Park Crescent
  • 28 Headland Park
  • 25 Armada Street.

The owners are being asked to carry out external improvements to their properties, which range from painting walls and window frames as well as removing litter and vegetation.

Cabinet member for the Environment, Councillor Brian Vincent said: “Private rented properties are an essential part of Plymouth’s housing stock.

“The vast majority of Plymouth’s landlords are responsible and regularly maintain their properties to keep them in good order. Unfortunately, there are a few who seem reluctant to spend anything on their properties, allowing them to deteriorate.

“It’s not good for tenants, not good for the neighbours and not good for Plymouth. It also makes no sense for landlords running a business to allow their key asset to get into this condition.”

The external improvement works the Council is asking for is for the minimum works necessary to improve the buildings’ appearance to an acceptable degree. The minimum necessary period for compliance will be set out in the enforcement notices, which will be issued under Section 215 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990.

The action is similar to the action the Council is taking against the owners of five historic buildings in the city, but as these properties are occupied by tenants, it is not appropriate to fix notices onto the properties in question.